Thursday, August 19, 2010

My work is to help children with a specific type of Autism - known as Asperger Syndrome. There are a lot of sceptics in regard to conditions such as these, but believe me it is very real. I am by no means an expert - but learning more and more about it every day. The real experts are the parents of these children.

Asperger Syndrome is only one part of what is known as a spectrum disorder that is - there are different manifestations of the condition and it may affect people differently. There is no "cure" for Autism - the best we can do is control and minimise certain behaviours associated with the condition.

I include the following clip which can give you glimpse into the lives of parents whose children are autistic. Next time you are in a shop or some public place and a child kicks off and behaves "inappropriately" please don't be to quick to judge the parent - or the child for that matter - he or she might be autistic.

The children depicted in this clip are (as far as I can tell) not Asperger Syndrome Children but more what is known as "classic autism" .

If you would like to comment, or ask a question please feel free to add it. I or my many friends who are experts (see above) will do our best to answer.

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