Saturday, November 07, 2009

John and Edward Grimes

Probably the most cotrovertial of all the finalists in the UK X-Factor. Simon Cowell took an instant dislike to this duo – twin brothers from Lucan, Dublin. However, there is something about them that get the public voting for them.

While I'm enjoying the X-Factor when I get to see it, and I have my favourites (not telling) I was shocked and dismayed at the revelation concerning the two lads from Ireland that was revealed in an 'exclusive' scoop of a british newspaper – in a headline that practically filled the front page – “Twins seX Factor secret” - what is this dark secret – you may be wondering – well – here it is – they are virgins. How unheard of. How shameful. (I hope you hear my very sarcastic tone as you read this. )

The paper reveals that John had a girlfriend for about 3 days when he was 15 but that's it, and they are 'definitely virgins'. I think it is noteworthy to point out that the journalist had not derived this information directly from twins themselves but from kids (their contemparies) from the neighbourhood where they grew up. This weasel that calls himself a journalist did not have the courage to interview the twins themselves, but instead went snooping around the neighbourhood.

There was another article in the same newspaper, written by a different journalist who interviewed the twins' parents/father. This was a far better article. It was interesting to read that they were bullied and given a hard time at school, because they are different/not conventional.

Now I ask you – what relevance has this got to do with their singing ability. Why do we need to know about the sex-lives (or lack of them) in people who choose to entertain by singing. The newspaper article was practically mocking them for wanting to concentrate on their careers in pop-music and their sport.

Bearing in mind that they are only 18, is it necessary for them to have had girlfriends?

This country is reeling under the burden of teenage girls becoming pregnant and being single mums. God forbid that we should have some teen pop stars who are also virgins and role models.

As for their singing – well they are not my favourites, but I have to admit that I find their performances amusing and enjoyable – they are certainly full of life, and seem to be having a lot of fun. Why does EVERYTHING have to be about sex?


Post script: Watched the boys sing this evening on X-Factor - They sang the Ghost Busters Song - I thought they were great.