Saturday, April 17, 2010

I love clowns, don't you? They make us laugh with their slapstick silliness. I think there is a bit of clown in me - I just don't wear the make-up or the funny clothes. Isn't the whole point of a clown to evoke laughter and giggles from little ones. Well here is a story to make your hair stand on end!

My first question is: What kind of sick individual would hire this social misfit to wash their car, let alone interact with their children?

On first reading, I thought that his man was operating in the UK and my immediate reaction, as one employed in the education sector, is that this is surely illegal? Has this guy been CRB checked? Then, to my relief, I read he operates in Switzerland. Well It's still not good for the children in Switzerland.

  • He sends chilling texts.
  • Makes prank phone calls
  • Sets traps in letter boxes
  • He posts notes warning children that they are being watched; that they are going to be ATTACKED.
  • The 'clown's one and only aim is to SMASH a cake into the face of his victim, when they least expect it, during the course of SEVEN DAYS.
Hands up everyone who enjoys being stalked? Thought so! Not only is being stalked NOT FUNNY, it is VERY DANGEROUS - ESPECIALLY WHEN TARGETED AT CHILDREN.

Some may accuse me of lacking a sense of humour. A joke that is at someone else's expense is not funny - it is dehumanising.

If PARENTS allow their children to be frightened to this extent, not only will that child feel very unsafe, but if a real threat were to take place, would the child feel that they could tell their mum or dad about it?

Let's take each one of those points above and analyse it:
He sends chilling texts - kids are bullied through texts these days - it is not funny. Often the bullying goes on undetected, because the child is too frightened or ashamed to talk to them about it.
Prank Phone calls: I don't know what this amounts too - but if done in combination with the other things it could put the child on edge.
Notes saying the child is being watched and is going to be attacked.
SMASHING a cake in the face when this is least expected. That sounds violent - maybe more violent than it is.
TRAPS in Letterboxes. - Well again - it could be very frightening for a young child.

There is a way to give a child a fright and not cross the line. You can bend over slightly make your hands like claws and say in a funny voice "I'm coming to get you!" The child will know - since THEY know who YOU are and that you love them, that they will be tickled but will not be hurt when you catch them. You will also know exactly how long to persist and if the child shows any distress you stop immediately. Also, it is wise, no essential, only to engage in this kind of play with a child if there are other adults present.

This man's service should fall into the category of ADULT ENTERTAINMENT, and thus be only permitted to target people OVER THE AGE OF 16.

Well I have sounded off about this - now send in the real clown to make us laugh and TRULY entertain us.