Saturday, March 20, 2010


White streaks in a blue sky
Phenomena of the modern age:
Jet planes travel far and wide
Piercing the ozone with noxious fumes -
An outrage!

White lines on a blue canvas
Modernity in landscape
Inaudible cacophony reflecting
Invisible damage to the atmosphere -
Ecological rape!

Black steaks on a green ground
Stretching across a nation.
Cobbled streets replaced by motorways,
Flattening and destroying all that lies in their paths -

Black lines on a green canvas
Modernity in landscape
Ceaseless roar of engines reflecting
the unremitting destruction of the planet -
No escape?

© 2010 J. F.

1 comment:

Plumbline said...

Standing Ovation..this is indeed heartfelt, and highly reflective of what we have done to ourselves in the name of industrialization