Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Mother 'drowned daughter because of cerebral palsy'

I was distressed this morning to see this horrific headline. I copy the link here. one who is so keen to help children with special needs I felt outrage and dispair to think that a person could do this to a little child. My heart goes out to the father of this little girl, who according to the report did love the child. Sad that he did not realise what danger the girl was in with the child's mother. In a society where a mother can abort her child because it is 'inconvenient' and without consulting the child's father, I suppose it is not a big step to getting rid of children post-birth. (In their minds) God forbid that a child should cramp their style. I can only hope that a sentence will be passed down that will reflect the gravity of this crime, though, unfortunately capital punishment is no longer an option.

This is the little girl who was killed.
Much to my surprise two people have told me Facebook blooked this note. I wonder if it is connected to the picture?

I am providing alternative links for this story that I found.

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ruth said...

What an horrific story. It is quite obvious that it was intentional, but I wonder why the father did not see it coming. First she asked him to have the child adopted, then she basically said "you can take care of her" and she had a drinking problem. Surely he must have been concerned when he had to leave home for work. Yes, the child was in daycare, so the mother had virtually no time with her, but there must have been gaps when she was alone with Naomi.

What was he doing during the eight hours she was driving around? The report doesn't mention a search.

Poor little mite, she looks adorable in the photo.

I saw a vastly more affected CP child in Jo'burg airport being lovingly cared for by (presumably) her Dad. She was flailing her arms about and grimacing in her wheelchair and he didn't seem at all embarrassed.

I hope that justice is done and this woman is kept out of public life for the rest of her life. She must never be allowed to have another child.

I assume Naoomi was an only child, there is no mention of siblings.

Don't worry about the death penalty. She needs to have a long life in which to review and rue her crime. I pray that in time she will repent and find Jesus, who will be her omly hope of redemption.

In His service, Ruth