Thursday, March 02, 2006

"Thorn in the Flesh" marvelously and painlessly extricated.

Dear Friends, a couple of weeks ago i got the results of the three exams I wrote in January. I shared with most of you at that time that I had managed to pass the two of them but that the one foxed me - and that the particular module was one that I had repeated last year, having failed it once before. I called it my "thorn in the flesh." Well I reregistered immediately for the module to repeat it ths year and immediately wrote to the lecturer responsible for that course asking him to please let me know where I was going wrong so that I could tighten up in that area as each time it was just a few percentage points short of the pass mark. He informed me that he would look at the scripts and would get back to me. I was looking at the materials for this year and noticed that this year, the assignment mark counts for 10% of the year mark, where previously it didn't.
You can imagine my surprise and delight today when I checked E-mail to find that the lecturer had reviewed my paper and decided that he could give it a better mark, giving me the required 50%. This is such a blessing, and I am over-joyed.
THanks to those friends who wrote and encouraged me.

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