Friday, November 14, 2008

Baby P

This story encapsulates the worst of human kind. Three adults gang up on and torture a baby, visiting the most horrific injuries and eventually killing the little one at age 17 months. To make it worse, the so-called Child-Protective services were aware that there was a problem but failed to intervene and as a result the child died. The arrogance of the officials leaves one cold.

Apparently the baby's mother has since become pregnant and given birth to a little girl while in prison. She is demanding access to this child. She should not be allowed to see that child - the little one must be put up for adoption and all links with the mother definitely severed. That child should be protected from ever knowing she had an older brother and what happened to him.

If this were a one-off it would be bad enough but we heard yesterday of two children in Manchester who were killed (I think stabbed) by their mother - who had serious mental problems to the extent that she needed to be sectioned.

Also, the real story behind Shannon Matthews disappearance is emerging and we learn it was a scam - I want it to be noted that it is a mistaken idea to think that Shannon was not harmed - apart from the fact that they drugged her up - this whole thing must have been to some extent terrifying to the child. Clearly her mother will lose custody of Shannon, and that is only right, but it also means that Shannon, loses her mum and that must be awful for any child to endure.

This is in the United Kingdom, but every country in the world can point to some incidentents of extreme cruelty and barbarism. That an adult could do such things to small children, let alone their own offspring, is beyond understanding.

The papers say that the identity of Baby P should remain a secret. I do not understand why this is, since the child is dead. The only person who would be protected by this secrecy is the mother of the baby, and she has no right to this protection.

I do invite comments on this blog. If you want to know the details please put "Baby P" in a search engine. I could not bring myself to repeat the horrendous things that this little child went through.

I was also astounded by the ineptitude of the child protection services of Harringey.

This is in the UK - but I know these things repeat themselves in