Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Black Hole Machine

by Martin Newell

Since science today is rasher
And doubtful of divinity
They made an atom-smasher
To peer into infinity
Research had been extensive
To analyse such dust
And fearfully expensive
Though analyse, they must.

A few expressed their fears
Still others thought it odd.
We'd labour all these years
To find a speckof God
Or something so unknown
It didn't have a name
And if the truth were shown
Life might not be the same.

Yet in the streets outside
The birds still sang in tune
The earth did not collide
With sun that afternoon
And if, as doomsayers choose
The world was nearly through
Then nothing on the news
Confirmed that it was true.

Our feet still felt the ground
All early qualms were banished
As particles whizzed round
the planet hadn't vanished
And with this new appliance
A victor claimed the day
But whether God or science
Was difficult to say.

I found this clever poem in the Sunday Express . I was amused by it and thought it would amuse many of you too.

As my friend said - I know who the VICTOR is! Do you?

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Mother 'drowned daughter because of cerebral palsy'

I was distressed this morning to see this horrific headline. I copy the link here. one who is so keen to help children with special needs I felt outrage and dispair to think that a person could do this to a little child. My heart goes out to the father of this little girl, who according to the report did love the child. Sad that he did not realise what danger the girl was in with the child's mother. In a society where a mother can abort her child because it is 'inconvenient' and without consulting the child's father, I suppose it is not a big step to getting rid of children post-birth. (In their minds) God forbid that a child should cramp their style. I can only hope that a sentence will be passed down that will reflect the gravity of this crime, though, unfortunately capital punishment is no longer an option.

This is the little girl who was killed.
Much to my surprise two people have told me Facebook blooked this note. I wonder if it is connected to the picture?

I am providing alternative links for this story that I found.

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